Motivational Workshop For Corporate Employees


We have specially designed Motivational Training Program for corporate employees named “Journey from GOOD to GREAT” which gives innovative ideas to be the best employee. We have successfully conducted such motivational training program in different companies. This training program will focus on following topics:


- How employees are very important in growth of company ?

- What are the role and responsibilities of employee ?

- How to be more productive & effective at workplace ?

- What employees should have to be the best ?

- How should be the total personality of employee ?

- How should be the relation of employee with clients & colleagues ?

- How to manage Personal & Professional Life ?

- How Employee can inspire colleagues and be a real role model for them ?

- What employees shouldn’t do in company ?


Highlight of the topic

- Personal Ethics & Professional Ability

- Team Building

- Positive Attitude

- Effective Communication

- Leadership Skill

- Management Skill

- Customer Relationship Management

- Productivity & Effectiveness at work place etc...


Training Method

Activity Based Learning Which Will Cover

- Audio Visual Lectures

- Motivational Activities

- Motivational Videos

- Exercise


The main goal of this training program is to share the key points that will inspire employees to be the best. After successful completion of training all employees can generate more output from their routine office work and they will be more passionate, more productive & more progressive.



Weekly program duration: 5 weeks ( 10 hours - once in a week, 5 Sessions of 2 hours )

One day workshop ( Timing: 9 am to 6 pm, 8 hours training, One Hour break )


Who Can Join

All Employees of small companies, corporate groups & goverment organizations.


What will you get ?

- Training Material

- Participation Certificate

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