Train The Trainer

Anybody who want to become a professional trainer can join this training program. This program will be the first step to start your career as a professional trainer.

This training program will cover following topics

- Types of professional trainer

- Ten effective steps to become professional trainer

- Ten effective ways to start presentation

- How to persuade audience?

- Structure of short speech

- Structure of long speech

- How to organize long speech?

- Effective use of power point presentation

- How to cunduct training session?

- How to ineteract during Q & A session?

- How to use Icebreakers?

- How to make presentation memorable?

- How to become expert trainer?

- How to promote yourself as a trainer?



Weekly program duration: 15 weeks ( 30 hours – once in a week, 15 sessions of 2 hours and

10 Session of 3 hours)

Two days workshop ( Timing: 9 am to 6 pm )


Who can join ?

Anyone who want to become professional trainer.


What will you get ?

- Training Material

- Certificate of certified professional trainer

- Membership of trainers club

- Life time support

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